Upgrade: Trados Studio 2021 Freelance Plus to Trados Studio 2022 Freelance Plus (for two devices)

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Choose flexibility. Choose Trados

Discover a whole new way of working and increase your productivity with the new RWS Trados Studio 2022 software.

The world's most popular computerized translation tool, built on years of experience in the field, now combines the power of a market-leading desktop tool with innovative cloud-based features tailored for translation and project management tasks.

Choose flexibility

Work anywhere, anytime... You choose!

Until now, translators did not have many options to choose how they wanted to work: they had to decide whether to use a desktop computer or to translate online using cloud technologies. Now RWS Trados Studio 2022 gives you the option to decide whether to work on a desktop computer AND using cloud technologies. You'll seamlessly transition from working online to working offline, so you can work anywhere, anytime. You choose.

When you're on the go, start a project on your phone, then translate it on your computer to maximize work productivity, and easily review it in a simpler web interface: you can switch between online and offline work on your project, depending on the task and the nature of the work you want.

With RWS Trados Studio 2022, there is no need for compromises – you can take advantage of flexible working options and enjoy the unique smoothness of the software.

Work on any device

With RWS Trados Live, a new integrated and secure cloud service, you can work on any device you want. Choose what you will use - Windows or Mac device, laptop, tablet or desktop computer, browser.

Projects can be created and fully completed in an online environment and then continued in a desktop environment, and vice versa. This will help you avoid delays when starting a project or translation and work more efficiently.

Projects and their resources are easily accessible, making this solution easier and more convenient to use, and projects can be executed faster and with secure backups.

More possibilities with programming interfaces

In RWS Trados Studio 2022 software, the Studio Integration API has been improved to provide more possibilities to automate, customize or add new features to Studio.

Work with a wide variety of file types

RWS Trados Studio 2022 will be compatible with more file types than ever before, making this the most reliable computerized translation tool suitable for any translation project.

Choose performance

Improved automation and quality assurance

The improved translation memory in the RWS Trados Studio 2022 software ensures even greater accuracy and performance. Improved time, date and number recognition makes automatic translation tasks faster and improves quality assurance results.

More efficient search

For users who want to easily navigate large documents, RWS Trados Studio 2022 offers more efficient search criteria and more flexible ways to display information. Custom search criteria can be saved for future use.

More powerful translation quality assurance review

Translation quality assurance reviews will become much easier. With a new, streamlined user interface that's improved based on your feedback, you'll be sure to get the highest quality every time.

Choose customization according to your personal needs

Access the RWS AppStore directly from Studio

All translators are different. Each has its own unique work style, common processes, and translators work for a variety of clients with unique needs and requirements.

A computerized translation tool should be designed with this in mind. The ability to customize the computerized translation tool to the nature of your work ensures maximum productivity and efficiency. With RWS Trados Studio 2022, it is much easier to customize the computerized translation tool.

Access more than 250 apps from the RWS AppStore right in the Studio environment. So you can browse new apps, download, install and delete them with just a few clicks, and you can also easily check for app updates. All of this allows you to expand Studio's functionality:

improve and automate translation, review or terminology processes;
connect to third-party machine translation service providers;
fine-tune validation checks to improve translation quality.

RWS community support using Trados

The most important thing for translators and project managers is to get the most out of a computerized translation tool.

With RWS Trados Studio 2022, you'll be able to connect to the online RWS community, get help and advice from its members, without having to close the Studio software. Post questions, quickly and efficiently

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