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Discover a world of translation solutions with Trados, offering an integrated platform that empowers language professionals to manage multilingual content localization effectively. Trados provides the only solution of its kind, encompassing desktop and cloud translation environments, software localization tools, cloud-based or server team collaboration, and enterprise-caliber machine translation. As a part of the largest translation supply chain worldwide, investing in our platform ensures you are an intrinsic part of this dynamic ecosystem.


Explore our flagship product, Trados Studio, the renowned computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool trusted by over 270,000 translators. Experience improved productivity, quality, and efficiency as you create valuable translation memory assets, manage terminology, and seamlessly integrate with our full language platform.

Step into the future of translation with Language Cloud, our innovative cloud capabilities working seamlessly in Trados Studio. Benefit from cloud backups, project storage, and an online editor that enable a truly mobile way of working, delivering higher quality translations faster.

Take advantage of Trados Team, the next-generation cloud-based translation project management solution ideal for teams of any size. Maximize collaboration and efficiency while ensuring a unified approach to project handling.

Maintain translation consistency across projects with MultiTerm, our powerful tool to create a searchable database that serves as a centralized terminology resource.

Unleash the potential of machine translation with Language Weaver, our enterprise-grade neural machine translation solution that automatically translates content with exceptional quality, adaptability, and scalability.

For software localization without programming expertise, rely on Passolo, our comprehensive tool that works seamlessly with your translation memory to localize all elements within the software.

Streamline your translation business operations with Trados Business Manager, offering end-to-end management of translation jobs, from data storage to creating quotes and invoicing. Choose between Trados Business Manager for Language Service Providers and Trados Business Manager Essential for freelance translators looking to manage their business tasks efficiently.

Unlock the true potential of team collaboration with Trados GroupShare, the easy-to-use translation project management solution that transforms the way teams work together. Seamlessly blending online and offline working, GroupShare provides real-time access to translation projects and reporting, facilitating efficient collaboration among team members. Agile project management, online translation editing, centralized sharing of resources, project process automation, and secure resource access are some of the key features that make GroupShare the smart choice for small and medium-sized translation teams.

Embrace the transformative power of Trados and unlock a future of higher quality translations, enhanced productivity, and unmatched efficiency.

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